Popcorn Machine Hire in London

popcorn machine hire LondonPopcorn machine hire in London – sweet & savoury savings for your pocket!



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Popcorn machine hire in London

Event Emporium (www.finger-buffet.com) are pleased to share our latest promotion for popcorn machine hire in London. Popcorn machine rental in London is something of a staple favourite for most children’s parties, however we even us adults are often partial to the classic box of freshly popped popcorn…ask Jamie Oliver and his graduates of 2011 (we served popcorn for their graduation ceremony of that year in City Hall).

Gone are the days when a popcorn machine to hire in London were a novelty – whilst, the coatings and seasonings have gotten more elaborate (chilli salt, toffee, garlic butter etc.), the humble kernel remains the unchanged.

Popcorn and candyfloss machine hire in London – things just got better!

As if great value popcorn machine hire in London wasn’t enough, a merger of sorts is in the offing to double the value. What happens when Candyfloss machine hire in London meets popcorn? … the result is a top rate party snack buffet at your disposal, at an unbeatable price.

If you are in North London, we’ll even throw in an additional 10% discount on hire as you’re right on our doorstep (we save on travel and you save on budget!)

If you would like further information on our popcorn hire in London (staffed or unstaffed) for your upcoming event, please feel free to call: 07442 490 389


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